3 Benefits for Using Toll Free Vanity Telephone Numbers

All businesses today want to be remembered by their customers, this is why they seek for vanity numbers. These are such toll free telephone numbers that can be remembered without difficulty because of their easy sequence of numbers. They are useful for businesses that want to create an easy recall for their brand. Here are a few more benefits of using toll free vanity telephone numbers.

  1. Provide convenience to your customers
    If your customer does not remember your number and has to search for it, there are chances that they may get diverted by other advertisements during their search and end up calling someone else seeking their services. So having a toll free vanity number for your business means that your customer can easily remember your number and call you anytime.
  2. They speak for themselves
    Toll Free vanity numbers offer you the opportunity to make your advertisements remembered. Just like no one is confused when they see 1-800-DENTIST® or 1-800-FLOWERS®, toll free vanity numbers can give a hint about your business and help create an impression that your business is easily reachable and easy to deal with. They make your business stand apart from the rest. So, there is no use waiting, get your toll free number now!
  3. They add status and distinction and even boost your reputation
    A business with a great toll free vanity number, people know that there is something special about it. It is one way of telling that you are better than your competitors and believe in providing superior customer service. Of course, you must not expect your competitors with simple phone numbers to compete with you when you have the best toll free vanity telephone number for your business. So, stop wondering, and get your special toll free vanity telephone number now.

Why You Must Have a Toll Free Number for Your Business

Toll free numbers are marketing tools that enable callers to reach your business free of cost making it easier for them to connect. They are key business assets that have a number of benefits.

  1. Look official
    If you haven't considered an official toll free number for your business yet, then you must do now. A toll free number enhances the image of your business making it appear more professional and established.
  2. Help build your brand
    By selecting a number that is easy for your customers to remember and recall, you can make sure that you are never forgotten. Some businesses even choose vanity numbers for this purpose. Such numbers may include the name of the business or other catchy words that further reinforce their brand.
  3. Send business messages
    A toll free number even provide businesses the convenience of call forwarding, call screening and call transfer while also giving them the option of sending business messages. Isn't this a huge plus?
  4. Help improve customer satisfaction
    A toll free number helps ensure your customers that you are always available to take their call. They know that they can call in any time and have their queries solved without bearing any cost. Thus, they help improve customer satisfaction which is of extreme importance for businesses today.
  5. Unify your business image
    If you have a huge business with teams spread out across different cities, a toll free number can help you present a unified image. So, you can provide your customers a single number with different 4 digit extensions to reach you and your colleagues.
  6. Convey a bigger presence
    Such numbers are the best marketing tool for businesses that aim to advertise to a wider audience as they help broaden your exposure.

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vanity Number for Your Business

Vanity numbers can be hard to find. They have been here for more than two decades now so most of these common and easy ones have already been taken and used. However, with different prefixes available for use now, you have a lot more options for your business. You can work with either of them and come up with a perfect vanity number that sets your business apart from the rest.

Following are few tips for you to pick the perfect vanity number.

  1. Before choosing the vanity number for your business bear in mind that it will only be perfect if it is easy to remember for your customers because it will help create an easy recall.
  2. Try and avoid numbers while making sure you choose the right letters. It is going to be hard for everyone to remember 1-800-876-Ship than 1-800-GoFedEx because of the extra three digits they have to remember. Your vanity number must be special and that will depend on the choice of your letters.
  3. If you want your vanity number to hint about your business and what you do, you can always choose a vanity number such as 1-800-Flowers, 1-800-Doctor or 1-800-Contacts. Such numbers are an extension of your brand.
  4. Remember, avoid unique and difficult spellings. This may create confusion for your customers who may end up dialing elsewhere. Vanity numbers are easy to remember so do not be so creative that you ruin them. Never use "Z" instead of an "S" for example using "petz" when "pets" is not available.

Vanity numbers are a great marketing tool for businesses. They give them credibility, enhance their image and even boost their sales. Thus, be sure to choose the perfect vanity number for your business.