1. All Vanity Toll-Free numbers listed on this website are currently available for saleat the price indicated.
2. All Vanity Toll-Free numbers listed for sale on this website are fully owned by Pick VTF, with no applicable liens or encumbrances.
3. The price of each Vanity Toll-Free number also covers the cost of a domain name and the hosting of that domain for a period of one year, after which time hosting responsibilities may be transferred to another entity.
4. Purchasers have the option to immediately remit full payment for their toll-free number or to reserve a selected toll-free number via a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the purchase price of that telephone number.
5. Upon receipt of full payment for a Vanity Toll-Free telephone number, Pick VTF will transfer ownership of that telephone number to the purchaser.
6. Pick VTF will hold reservations for Vanity Toll-Free numbers for 15 days after receiving the above-mentioned 25% deposit. The remaining balance (75% of the purchase price of the telephone number selected) must be remitted to and received by Pick VTF by the end of the 15-day period.
7. Should Pick VTF fail to receive the balance due on a reserved Vanity Toll-Free telephone number within the above-mentioned 15-day time frame, that telephone number will again become available for purchase by other entities.
8. All payments, including deposits, are held in escrow by Escrow.com a major escrow company.
9. Payments are released to Pick VTF only when ownership of the Vanity Toll-Free telephone number has been transferred to the purchaser.
10. In the event that the purchaser of a Vanity Toll-Free telephone number intends to transfer ownership to another party, the purchasermust provide Pick VTF with the address of its toll-free servicing company so that VTF may issue auto-rotation to its own toll-free servicing company to initiate the transfer.

For additional inquiries, please send us an email via the Contact form or call us toll-free at 1-888-PickVTF (1-888-742-5883) or 1-833-PickVTF (1-833-268-2686).